Add authorized users in the RackConnect Management Interface

  • Last updated on: 2016-08-09
  • Authored by: Kyle Laffoon

Access the RackConnect Management Interface from the MyRackspace portal. To view your RackConnect users, click Account > User List.

On the RackConnect User List page, you can view active or invited users and create or deactivate users. Note: You wil also see Inactive users and Invited Users listed. - Inactive user has not been invited. - Invited user has been sent activation information and is in a pending type of status.

Create a new user

Complete the following steps to create and authorize new user.

  1. Click Create New User.
  2. In the Users/New screen, enter information for the new user in the First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number fields and click Create New User when finished. Note: This generates an email to the new user to register.
  3. After the new user is registered, open the Account > Permissions page to assign authorization for the user. Note: If you already have a user whose authorization profile would be suitable for the user currently being assigned authorities, you can use the Clone option from the *User List** page.
  4. On the Permissions / Assign By User page, click on the name of the user to assign authorization. Note: Review the Permission Guide, linked on the Permissions / Assign By User for information on assignment and permission management options.
  5. Under the Account Permissions tab, select the checkboxes for the authorizations to assign. Note: Assigning Account Administrator authorization grants the same permissions as you have. If you don’t want to assign that much authority, but are setting up a technical contact, be sure to assign at least the following:
    • Manage My Contact info
    • Manage SSL Certs
    • View Reports
    • View and Edit Account Tickets
    • View and Edit Domains
  6. Under the Cloud Accounts tab, assign Edit or Admin authority.
  7. Under the Devices or Firewall tab, assign Edit or Admin authority.
  8. Click Save Changes when you are finished.

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