Add a Cloud Networks interface to a Cloud Server

  • Last updated on: 2019-01-21
  • Authored by: Rackspace Community

You can add a cloud network to a cloud server at any time. This article shows you how to add a cloud network to a cloud server by using the API and the rackspace-novaclient (nova). It walks you through installing nova and the Cloud Networks extension in Mac® OS X, then using nova to add a virtual interface to a running cloud server that connects to your cloud network. Nova is also available for Linux® and Windows®.

Use the following steps to install nova:

  1. Run the following command:

    sudo easy_install pip
  2. Install nova and the Cloud Networks virtual interface extension by running the following commands:

    sudo pip install rackspace-novaclient
    sudo pip install os_virtual_interfacesv2_python_novaclient_ext
  3. Set up the following environment variables in your local .profile file, replacing the values inside brackets (< >) with your account information:

    export OS_AUTH_URL=
    export OS_AUTH_SYSTEM=rackspace
    export OS_USERNAME=<account_username>
    export OS_TENANT_NAME=<account_#>
    export NOVA_RAX_AUTH=1
    export OS_PASSWORD=<api_key>
    export OS_PROJECT_ID=<account_#>
    export OS_NO_CACHE=1
  4. Next, load the environment variables by running the following command:

    source .profile
  5. Now you can use your credentials to display information about your cloud network and cloud server and add the interface by running the following commands:

    nova credentials
    nova list
    #note the ID of the cloud server to which you want to add the interface.
    nova network-list
    #note the ID of your cloud network
    nova virtual-interface-create 30714e92-40d3-4259-bd73-2ed8b03abcf5 e74780b5-d180-4faa-bfc0-87802b20aaf4
    #nova virtual-interface-create networkID cloudserverID

It takes a couple of minutes to add the interface. You should now be able to log in to the cloud server and check interfaces by running the command ip a. You should see the interface that you added in the output from this command.

Note: You can also run nova virtual-interface-list cloudserverID.

If you need to add Cloud Networks to your account, submit a ticket from the Cloud Control Panel.

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